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Jul. 21st, 2008

We Know Drama

late night ramblings

It's late. I just got home from my third date in four days. Guy's name is Sean; nice, clean-cut, funny and also weird. In a good way. I met him through work --- technically he doesn't work with me, he's a vendor so it's not David 2.0 --- and we've been hanging out since. Also, works for Budweiser. Free beer! Too bad I hate beer, but still. It's freeeee.

But... he has yet to kiss me.. I'm not real big on the whole actual "dating" thing. Usually, I meet someone, we hang out, we're.. y'know. Together. But with him, it's been three dates and nada. No idea what it means. I like the kid a lot, we have a good time and laugh and talk and whatever else, but I dunno if he likes me as a friend. Also, I feel like I am in 8th grade. Go me.

Furthermore, the kid I was kinda hanging out with but wasn't really into,.. . I still haven't even told him about the dates with Sean. Granted it's been like a week, but I feel bad. Aaaaand yet.. I work with him (it gets better), and his mom (even better than that)... and his dad. So I wanna keep it civil. Lesson to self: STAY AWAY FROM WORK PEOPLE EVEN IF YOU'RE JUST BORED. Also: so not worth all this hassle... wasn't that great if ya feel me. I'm such a bitch.

The Jensen Ackles obsession rages on. I am kinda starting to scare myself with that one. But hey, whatevs. It's slowly killing me inside that The Dark Knight has been out for 4 DAYS and I haven't been able to see it. I've been waiting since 2005!
Why haven't I? Because my boss fell off a ladder at work and doesn't know when he can come back.. I was working 50 hours before.. now it's going to be like 60. Ugh. But.. that's 20 hours of OT, $15 an hour.
I'll have money I will have no time and no energy to spend! Woooohooo!

ETA: I realize I've neglected to tell the story of the demise of Jessie + Jesse. I waited the 6 months for him to get home. He gets two weeks leave, and we're totally fine for a week and a half. Then his sister, aka my "best" friend, says, I quote" [You're] not good enough to for him. Sex is fine.. but to date? Nooooo."
Yes. My best friend said that about me, to my face... Cracka whaaaat? She and I didn't talk for a few days, but since I can't stay mad for the life of me, I forgave her.
and then two days before Jesse leaves for Kuwait for 8 months, he stops talking to me. Only invites me to his goodbye bbq because his sister told me about it.. and ignores me the whole time I am there.. WHen I leave is when he decides to drunkenly text me that I should stay.. whatever. And then later tells me he is making out with Bitch #1 and Bitch #2, and we should definitely jus tbe friends..
I personally think his sister said something to him to make him act this way. That's not like him and since she is my best friend, she knows all the things I have done. Some of which were HUGE mistakes and I regret.
BUT! The point, I think Hannah said something to Jesse about me, or our fight or my messy past that made him act like that. Drama and long story short, we're over. He tried to email me once, I deleted it without reading (which I kinda regret cause I'm curious what it said). Ba dum cha.

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